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Welcome to the webpage of Dresden Protestant Student Parish (ESG)

Here you will find a virtual foretaste of what to expect if you meet us face to face.
Are you new? For the first time on this site? New to Study? New to Dresden? Feel free to visit us.
At the moment our whole program is provided in German. However many of us speak English fluently. We’d be happy if you decide to share community with us. This page provides a quick overview of what we do.

Who we are

The ESG is a christian community within the Lutheran Church of Saxony. We are connected to the Saxon Protestant Student Parish (Sachsen-ESG) and the Federal German Protestant Student Parish (Bundes-ESG).
You’ll will find thoughts on our role as a community in our mission statement. In the tab Faces you will see people who are involved and shape the ESG.


Who can visit

The ESG invites everyone - no matter if men or women, first semester or during Ph.D., alone or together with friends, familiar with faith and church or new to such things.
You are invited as you are - also if you are not a student! We feel connected to all universities in Dresden, but our invitation reaches out to all those who want to share community with us.
The diversity of life and faith and the ongoing change that new people contribute to our community is not only accepted but desired.

What we do

We are meeting every Tuesday during the semester for our community evening. The devotion starts at seven pm in the ESG villa (Liebigstraße 30) followed by common dinner. At quarter past eight we move to the Zion’s church (Bayreuther Straße 28, next to the ESG villa) for a lecture on topics of religion, society or science. Afterwards we are meeting in the ESG villa to get together and have some soda or beer. You’ll find the topics of the lectures and the main theme of the semester in our semester program.
We have community weekends several times in the semester, that means we are cleaning and repairing the villa on saturday and go on an excursion on Sunday. After that we usually celebrate church service at six pm.
On top of that we go on retreats at least on time in a semester. And sometimes we enjoy a bonfire together in the garden behind the ESG villa. Come around and meet us!
You will find the entire semester program (also available as an .ics-file) in the calendar - latest changes are released in the mailing list. The mailing list keeps you up to date.

Where you’ll find us

Usually, we meet up in our villa at Liebigstraße 30. Worship services and lectures are held in the Zion’s church and on rare occasions somewhere else.

Questions and wishes?

Under the tab contact you have the possibility to reach us directly, you’ll also find our telephone number and address there.
Talk to us or let us approach you.

We look forward to see you!

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